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KEY 1.0 is a project developed by SOS racismo, a no-profit organization that has been advocating since 1990 a more equitable, fair, and culturally diverse society, where everybody, natives and foreigners, are granted the same citizenship rights.

The funding was provided by Ciência viva, the Portuguese national agency for the scientific and technological culture, in the ambit of the call "INTEGRA, science for inclusion".  

The supervisor of the project, Giancarlo Pace, is an active member of SOS racismo, he has a PhD in physics, and 15 years of experience as professional astrophysicist.

The project benefits from the partnership of the following institutions:

Lusophone University, with a team of psychologists who will evaluate the impact of our intervention. The group is lead by professor Joana Cabral and is composed also by Andiara de Souza, Carmo Cabral;

Rede Inducar, which gives support for the organization of the formations for teachers;

and Rádio Manobras, active in advertising the project;

Other Collaborators

Jorge Grave, astrophysicist in the "Insituto de Astrofísica", assistant professor in the "Lusophone University", works on the pedagogical method based on the discussion among peers.

Miguel Ferreira and Melissa Rodrigues, are responsible for the production and editing of audio and video recordings to document the process of learning involving the young students participating in KEY.

Joana Fillol, journalist and developer of the educative project "jornalíssimo", an information blog for teen agers, and several activists of "SOS racismo", are working to advertise the project.

We also acknowledge the generous help from:

Pedro Pimenta, professor in the  Departament of Information Systems of Minho University, who is collaborating in the preparation of the italian version of this blog.

Diva Carvalho, Virgínia Silva, e Sara Moreira, whose valuable contribution is present in several pages of this blog.

The members of the team, in alphabetical order are:
Andiara de Souza, Carmo Cabral, Eray Damar, Giancarlo Pace, Inês Carvalho, Joana Alves dos Santos, Joana Cabral, Joana Fillol, Jorge Grave, Marta Pereira,  Melissa Rodrigues, Miguel Ferreira,  Susana Constante Pereira.

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We encourage students, teachers, reasearchers in the field of pedagogy, and anybody interested in our work for any reason, to share with us doubts and constructive comments, pose questions or propose collaborations. You may do this either by sending an email to OR by filling in the form on the right.