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Prejudice and irrational fear of the difference are tough enemies. Our videos and interventions will not solve the problems that they create. However, we believe that we can contribute to foment an open and constructive attitude, one that seeks favourable conditions for everybody. This is the attitude of those who want everybody to be proud of their traditions and history. It is the attitude that wants to see everybody's contribution in the building of a common set of values, duties and rights, for everybody's good.

The best way we could figure out to show this concept, is the work that we propose to high-school students: a collective effort to build autonomously an educative platform, which will promote whenever possible a non-dominant language: romani, the language of a migran community, a regional language.

Not only blatant racists, but also many well intentioned people extremely prone to sympathize, tend to associate migrations with problems and to forget that migrants, no less and no more than everybody else, have creativity, intelligence and sense of initiative, and their contribution to society might be precious.

Not only we do not want to help anybody, not necessarily at least, it's us those who need the help of the students. Migrants will have a special role because their condition carries an extra potential, namely the possibility to spread our message further away. We hope that our videos will be useful for thousands of pupils, and that for this reason they will promote the idea of a society that includes everybody is more convenient for everybody. We don't think that fundamental rights should to be granted only to people on the base of being useful to society. Existing is a sufficient conditions for any person to have human rights. But reminding that we are all useful to each other, help promoting the universality of human rights.

We leave to the brilliant scientist and outreach author Neil Degrasse Tyson the job of explaining to us some key ideas that we expressed in this article, although the context is slightly different. Here you find the link with the video interview.

Giancarlo Pace
Key 1.0. Team Coordinator

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